Elevation Network.

In 2011, the Elevation Network was launched.  At www.elevationnetwork.com, people can listen to Pastor Furtick’s sermons, the Elevation Worship music, watch creative elements that the church has put together, the weekend worship experiences and exclusive live events 7 days a week 24 hours a day! Elevation Church exhausts all its possible resources to reach people who are far from God and they trust that in that God will do what only He can do!

Finance Report

In the 2011 Annual Report for Elevation Church, there was a Finance Report.  Elevation is incredibly diligent in how they spend the money that in entrusted into their care.  Nobody in Pastor Furtick’s family has an Elevation credit card.  When Pastor Furtick says that Elevation gives 12 percent “off the top” of our offering back to the community or that he tithes a certain percentage that is exactly what happens.  Currently, 65% of Elevation’s contributors give online and they encourage more to consider giving online so they can keep lower resource levels so money can be spent in other areas of work.  This past year they completed their third audit.  In the Annual Report, they addressed many frequently asked questions.  The first question was who approves debt and the final budget at Elevation.  The answer to that question was, “In accordance with government regulations, under the IRS’s section 501(c)3 and as indicated in the church bylaws, the board of directors of the non-profit corporation make the final decision on debt and the annual budget. The board is referred to as the “Board of Overseers”.  The second question asked was who controls the compensation of the Executive Staff?  The answer to that question was “The board of Overseers sets Pastor Steven’s salary.  Very similar to most large non-profit organizations, there is an independent compensation committee formed by the Board of Overseers that recommends a salary which the Board votes to approve.  The compensation committee uses a salary study performed by an independent CPA firm to get a basic salary range. This study is also performed for additional executive staff”.  The third question asked was who approves the “major” purchases.  The answer to this question was “All purchases over $1 million must be approved by the Board of Overseers.  The board also approves an annual capital budget to guide annual capital expenditures. Each ministry department head approves all other purchasing within their department and budgets are reviewed monthly”.  The last question was “Who serves on the Board of Overseers of Elevation Church.  The answer to this question was “The current Board of Overseers is comprised of Pastor Dino Rizzo (Healing Place Church- Baton Rough, LA), Dr. Jack Graham (Prestonwood Baptist Church- Plano, TX), Pastor Perry Noble (Newspring Church- Anderson, SC), Pastor Kevin Gerald (Champions Centre- Seattle, WA) and Pastor Stovall Weems (Celebration Church- Jacksonville, FL). Pastor Furtick also serves on the Board, but does not vote on his salary”.

The finance office came up with a model called “The Four G’s”. Becoming a part of Elevation Church means taking an active role in the life of the church; it means putting faith into action.  Elevation has developed a very simple, but effective model for defining what that active participation looks like.  The first G is Growth.  This means inviting people who are far from God to the Elevation worship experiences.  The second G is Groups.  This means participating in a small group for the application of Biblical truth.  The third G is Giving.  This means trusting God with your resources and giving it back to Him through Elevation Church.  The fourth G is Gifts.  This means selflessly using your gifts and talents to advance the vision of Elevation Church which “is to see people who are far from God raised to life in Christ”.  In conclusion, Elevation is very mindful about how they spend money at the church and they highly encourage the Elevator’s of Elevation to get involved!

Elevating at Elevation Church

In April 2011 at Elevation Church, they started Elevation Extension.  This is an opportunity for leaders anything to join the vision of Elevation Church and start an Elevation Extension Sit in their community.  The vision of Elevation is “so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ”.  There are not only residential sites, but also military bases, universities, and prisons that are part of Elevation Extension.  The sites are equipped with a weekly video worship experience along with other resources and training for the site leaders. Currently, there are 24 sites in the United States and around the world. The largest Extension Site is at Kershaw Correctional Institution lead by a fellow prisoner with 200+ in attendance.  The average attendance of all the sites in 2011 was 735 people, 54 people were baptized and there were 164 salvations! Side note: I absolutely love these statistics because the HPU extension site is included within these statistics. The numbers represent a life that was changed and that is so important.

Elevation is always expanding and looking for new locations to plant Elevation Church.  Right now there are six locations of Elevation Church all over Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina.  In 2011, the average attendance at Elevation was 10,368 people.  The potential growth strategies for 2012 include purchasing land for future permanent location, looking for potential portable locations in strategic areas, retrofitting existing warehouse speace to an elevation location in target locations or to transition a portable location into a permanent location and looking for locations outside of the Charlotte region.  New exciting things are ahead for Elevation Church!!

Media changes!

There have been many positive changes that have occurred this past year with media at Elevation Church.  According to the statisitics, there have been 1,681,886 visitors to Elevationchurch.org in 2011 and the website was viewed by 193 countries.  Also, compared to 2010 there was an 82% increase in website visitors.  There were 927,442 visitors in 2010.  The total time spent watching Pastor Furtick’s sermons online was equivalent to 51 years 248 days 13 hours and 56 minutes 44 seconds. The sermons were viewed 690,777 times. There was a 137% increase of visitors to www.stevenfurtick.com.  There were 1,208,121 visitors in 2011 compared to 508,724 in 2010.  Change has also occurred with Elevation Worship.  There was a total of 20,247 albums sold and 25,456 songs downloaded on iTunes in 2011.  The CD “For the Honor” was debuted #1 on the billboard magazine heatseeker chart in November 2011.  There was an 83% increase in audio sermon podcasts. In 2010, there were 838.803 listeners and in 2011 there were 1,536,529 listeners.  The video sermon podcasts were viewed 406,901 times.  There was an average of 21.5k television viewers.  There was also 61,157 Elevation apps installed on mobile devices.  There are so many changes always occurring at Elevation Church.  People are being reached and changed for God’s glory daily and the BEST is yet to come!

Only the best is ahead!

This past Sunday, the annual report for 2011 was released! There have been many exciting changes that occurred over the year of 2011.  Elevation is just getting started and is onward and upward!

There has been drastic change within EGroups which are bible study groups for all ages within the church.  In 2010, there were 2,565 members enrolled in an EGroup and in 2011 that number increased to 4,549 people.  There are now 509 EGroups available to choose to be a part of.  There are different categories of EGroups to choose from: Sermon Series Discussion, Book Study, Stage of life/Life Issue, Common Interest and Activity and Outreach.   This past year two new campuses launch at Rock Hill, SC and University.  With these new campuses, 500+ new ETeam volunteers were added.  There are now 3,332 ETeam volunteers serving in guest services, EKids and Production combined.

EKidz is another area at the church that has increased in size.  Ekidz is the student ministry at the church.  In 2011, there was a 64% increase with 1,362 kids in attendance whereas in 2010 there were 832 kids.  So far, there are 6 Elevation campuses.  At the Blakeney campus there are 594 kids in attendance.  At the Matthews campus, there are 447 kids in attendance.  At the Providence campus there are 255 kids in attendance.  At the Rock Hill campus, there are 125 kids in attendance.  At the University campus, there are 138 kids in attendance and lastly, at the Uptown campus, there are 118 kids in attendance.  The Ekidz volunteer growth has also increased.  In 358, there were 358 volunteers and in 2011 that number increased to 768 volunteers.  That growth created at 114% increase!  There are a lot of exciting things that have been occurring at Elevation within this past year! Only the best is ahead for this church!

Orange you a changin!?

A vital part of any organization is keep their social media outlet updated and relevant as to what is occurring within the organization.  In order for this to take place, change must occur often on the websites.  At Elevation, something is always changing for the better on their website!  To enhance the viewing pleasure of many online viewers, www.stevenfurtick.com has been changed to incorporate more information about Pastor Furtick and his many resources.  This website has everything on it that viewers would need to know more about Pastor Furtick.  Pastor Furtick used to write in his blog for his viewers every day.  He would write about anything that God had been teaching him lately or share fun stories about his family.  Now, he has stopped writing blog entries for his website. Instead, his website includes the current sermon series, clips from the most popular sermon series, and an archive of his past sermons.  Also, there is information about his book “Sun Stand Still” and his unreleased book “Greater”.  All of this information used to be scattered over www.elevationchurch.org and www.stevenfurtick.com, but now it is easily assessable by having it all in one place.

Other recent news that is buzzing at Elevation has been in Outreach.  Elevation is huge on serving and giving back to the community.  This spring nitiative called “Orange Initiative Commitment” is taking place!  Elevation Church partnered with Mayor Anthony Foxx to establish this initiative to help end homelessness in Charlotte, invest in the schools, teachers and students of Mecklenburg County, and to help improve the quality of life for the people who live in Charlotte, NC.  The goal during this initiative is to reach 100,000 service hours in one year, provide $750 in financial resources to Elevation’s partnering organizations, partner with 20 organizations in the city dedicated to the initiative, and provide quarterly updates to Mayor Foxx.   Recently, Elevation added 6 new pages of service opportunities to their Outreach Events page to help reach their goal.  So far over the course of this year, the volunteers of Elevation have served 85,370 hours and saved $1,792,770.

Social Systems in organizations and the Humanistic Philosophy within Elevation

For this blog post, I am going to talk about one of the 3 Sets of Knowledge in the Field of Organizational Development and how it relates to Elevation.  The knowledge I chose to discuss more about was Understanding Social Systems in organizations and Humanistic Philosophy.

Elevation has a very distinct vibe.  Among the staff, there is a certain way to dress, a certain way to talk and a certain way to act.  Pastor Steven Furtick sets the tone at the church.  He raised the bar in the way of how to dress.  He is a very stylish dresser.  The staff of Elevation now makes sure they dress in very stylish clothes.  As I said before, there is a certain way the staff talks.  They speak collectively instead of singularly.  When talking about the organization, they say “we” and not “I”.  Also, there is a certain way to act.  Elevation thinks positively and collectively.  They are always busy at church.  There is never a dull moment.

Elevation approaches situations with a humanistic philosophy.  The church exists “so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ”.  They believe that individuals have the capacity to change and develop.  They believe that Jesus is the person who changes individuals and the church is there to help develop their relationship with Christ.  The church will go out of their way to be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone.  For example, last year, there was a person who came to the church who had plans to kill herself.  That night she went to church a the campus pastor saw that she was distraught and pulled her campus pastor learned during their conversation of what her plans were for the rest of the night.  He and his wife decided to disciple her in the months that followed.  She has now accepted Jesus and her life has completely turned around for the better.

a little bit about Elevation!

Organization: Elevation Church

History: Elevation’s story started in the heart of Pastor Steven Furtick when he was 16 years old.  In 2005, Pastor Furtick and seven other families sold their homes, quit their jobs and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. On February 5, 2006, Elevation opened its doors with 121 people in attendance at Providence High School. Elevation Church has experienced over 19,000 professions of faith and over 4,800 baptisms since their launch.

Mission: so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ

Industry: Church

Services:  community support through finances and service and religious education, discipleship, extension sites

Products: CDs, t-shirts, Bibles, literature, bumper stickers

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